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Linode vs DigitalOcean, performance benchmarks

February 8th 2013

I’ve been a Linode fan and customer for years, but just this week I was made aware of a competing VPS host – DigitalOcean. It’s a pretty compelling sell. A VPS for $5 a month, with a 20GB SSD and 512MB of RAM. Fucking, sweet. But when something sounds this good, I’m sceptical. To dispell or validate my thoughts of a “catch”, I turn to a handy performance analysis tool – Phoronix Benchmark Suite. Here’s the skinny…

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MongoMapper callback order

January 26th 2013

I recently started using MongoMapper for a project at work. The documentation is pretty sparse and I needed to confirm the precise order of callbacks, per action. So I wrote some simple test code to do just that. Here are the results:

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