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June 10th 2012 by Jason Ormand (aka okor)

I’ve used WHOIS a few times, normally in a shell. But a client recently asked me to build a web based WHOIS tool that her website visitors could use. Simple enough.

I couldn’t find an acceptable Wordpress plugin or a free WHOIS API, so I decided to build an API. I used the ‘whois’ gem and Sinatra.

$ curl

As of right now, the API will accept requests from anybody. So feel free to use it. If it gets overloaded, I’ll just put up another instance and make it private, so my client will still have a working tool.

The project is far from perfect, but it’s open source and free. Check out whoiz. Feedback welcome, pull requests preferred.

UPDATE: During testing, I noticed that some registrars will block excessive requests for the same domain. I’m working on a solution.