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Introducing LEMPress, super easy Wordpress server setup

July 20th 2012 by Jason Ormand

LEMPress is a script that makes setting up a fast Wordpress server very easy. It installs and configures NGINX, Varnish, MySQL and PHP on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 server.

I wrote LEMPress because my freelance work regularly requires working with Wordpress. So I wanted a consistent and easy way to set up servers for that purpose. I could have used something much more robust like Chef, but that’s too complex for my needs. So I wrote this bash solution as a simpler alternative. With a bit more work, it could be a great de facto stack for deploying Wordpress sites.

Check out the instructions on Github: LEMPress.

Performance Benchmarking

Here’s a simple performance benchmark for a Wordpress site deployed on the LEMPress stack. It’s worth mentioning that I ran these tests from NY and the server is in TX. Not too shabby.

ab -n 100 -c 10
Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms)
  50%    141
  66%    144
  75%    144
  80%    145
  90%    145
  95%    147
  98%    150
  99%    150
 100%    150 (longest request)


UPDATE: As of 09/29/2012, you can now preview posts/pages. There was a bug preventing previews, before this update. This change required modifying the Varnish configuration file. If you used LEMPress to set up your server before 09/29/2012, I recommend manually updating the file. You can check out the change here: