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How to install FFmpeg 1.0 on OSx Mountain Lion

September 28th 2012 by Jason Ormand

This tutorial assumes a few things, 1. You’re operating system is OSx Mountain Lion 2. You have the latest Homebrew installed (if not, go here fist) 3. You have the latest Xcode installed (4.5 at time of writing, may work with other versions).

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s get started. First, unlink any old versions of FFmpeg brew unlink ffmpeg, then install using an updated formula: brew install ''. Wait several minutes…then, if all goes well ffmpeg -version. You should see ffmpeg version 1.0.

The long url is a Github gist with two tiny updates to the current homebrew ffmpeg install script (url and sha1). I’ll put a pull request in to the homebrew guys soon.