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A pro tip for reducing visual noise in OSX

August 26th 2014 by Jason Ormand (aka okor)

Staying focused is key for my productivity, so I do what I can to eliminate distractions. At least until I want them.

The OSX Mavericks (and earlier) menu bar can be noisy and distracting. And OSX doesn’t give you an option to hide the menu bar when you aren’t using it. The result. You’re trying to solve a tricky think and you notice you have a few new emails. And just like, the distraction acts like a strong wind, blowing down the house of cards that is your mental picture of the problem at hand.

Enter Menu Elclipse 2, a 99ยข App Store application that allows you to “dim” your toolbar until you hover over it. I like mine solid black combined with a black desktop background. The result is fantastic. The productivity gained by reducing visual noise is on par with discovering work flow automation tools.

Strong recommend.